Ghana Police Loan

Product Description/Features


Our comprehensive Ghana police service loan is tailored to provide a flexible loan acquisition and payment plan. This product is designed specially to meet both the long and short term financial needs of the service personals at affordable interest rates.

-Applicant must be a confirmed employee of the current employer
-No guarantor
-Payment at source
-No penalty when paying off loan before the end of the tenor

Under the program, TFFS, after confirmation of the acceptance of the invoice, provides credit facility of up to a maximum of 70% of the value of the receivables (invoice amount), but not exceeding a maximum amount of GHC150,000 (amount higher will be considered on exceptional basis). Payment proceeds from the receivables to be financed will be made in the joint names of TFFS and the customer or routed through TFFS’ bank account for the direct settlement of the loan obligation of the customer. A Domiciliation Agreement will be signed between TFFS, the obligor and the company from which the receivables to be financed are due to avoid any diversion of funds.

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