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TF Financial Services Limited (TFFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Teachers Fund and was incorporated in Ghana in the year 2006. The decision to set up TF Financial Services was borne out of the Fund's objective of diversifying some of its investments into long term holdings.

The Company was therefore dully incorporated on 8thSeptember, 2006 and authorized to commenced business on 25thOctober, 2006. It was formally licensed by Bank of Ghana on 19thMarch, 2008.The Company operates as a financial services firm licensed by Bank of Ghana (BOG) to provide loans to the general public. All through the years, the company has concentrated its core activities on the provision of loans to various market segments.

However in recent times, TF Financial Services has extended its operations into other financial services activities like taking investments from institutions and the general public in response to market demands and its growth potential.




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